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McManus Fine Home Painting has worked in thousands of the finest homes of Bostonʼs North Shore over the past thirty four years. We strive to listen to the customers needs and expectations and seek to exceed them through friendly, timely, and expert service. Our staff of experienced craftsmen work diligently to provide a quality experience for all our clients, knowing customer satisfaction is the foundation of success. We take pride in going the extra mile, knowing the finer details distinguish the good from the best.

Our Mission

To our clients: To provide the highest quality work and service at a reasonable cost. We believe communication with honesty and integrity is the cornerstone of success. To our employees: To provide a safe and rewarding work environment with room for personal and professional development. To the environment: To work with green paints whenever possible and to abide by all laws and regulations regarding the disposal of paint and waste. To the trade: To be in a constant state of learning new products and technology, working in a legal business framework, and making a commitment to excellence.

Company Beginnings

Michael McManus Michael McManus began painting his brotherʼs investment properties in the 1970s while attending college. The work had to be done quickly to avoid costly vacancies. Upon graduation from University of MA with a degree in Economics Michaelʼs career took a sharp turn as he decided to write literary fiction. Michael set up shop as an exterior house painter, learning it was possible to paint a few houses and save up to write for months at a time. Soon Michaelʼs business blossomed as he refined his painting skills and hired professionals to cater to an upscale clientele. After thirteen years of panting houses in the summer months and honing his writing chops in the off-season, word spread of his meticulous prep work. In 1995 WGBHʼs television show “This Old House” came to town and McManus Painting had been chosen as the feature painter for the interior/exterior of Salemʼs Federal Street project. Since writing didn’t pay the bills, Michael put his writing dreams on hold and expanded the painting business into a full time operation. In the past thirty five years, he has mastered all phases of the residential painting industry. As his business has expanded, so did the client base, as he and his experienced crews have serve thousands of clients throughout Bostonʼs North Shore, Cape Ann, and beyond. In recent years McManus Painting has worked on some of North Shore’s premiere homes, providing quality service and expert craftsmanship. Michael is currently near completion of a first novel and lives in Beverly with his wife Tina, a nature photographer and real estate agent, and their two collies, Blue and Lexi.

Going Green

At McManus Fine Home Painting we strive to leave as small a carbon foot print using low or no VOC paint as often as possible. VOC stands for “Volatile Organic Compounds” which do harm to the earthʼs ozone layer and add contaminants into the atmosphere. Some paints are particularly high in VOCʼs and can adversely effect the home owner, especially people with medical conditions such as asthma or chemical sensitivity. In recent years the major paint manufactures have developed product lines of no VOC paints. These new products are not only environmentally safe, but are also quality products and, as theyʼve become more popular, reasonably priced. Using green products is good for our clients as well as our employees. We work with home owners, contractors, and decorators to satisfy the jobs needs, offering the finest products utilizing green technology.

Lead-Safe Certified

McManus Fine Home Painting is certified by the EPA as a “Lead Safe Firm.” If your house was built before 1978 it possibly contains lead paint. McManus painting works with containment systems and hepa vacuums to capture lead dust for the safety of home owners children, their pets and the environment. We provide in house training to out employees to handle the various conditions in both interior and exterior preparation involving lead chips and lead dust.

Lead Safe Certified Firm

Download the EPA Lead Certified Guide to Renovate Right brochure

Download the EPA Lead Certified Guide to Renovate Right brochure

Print and sign the EPA Pre-Renovation Form